My Month: March

M Y  M O N T H

Welcome to the, My Month series. Join my dear friend Raina and I as we share favorite items of the month, our latest thoughts on motherhood and life, goals, inspiration and more.


March can be a tough month for so many. Cabin fever has gotten the best of us and we’re praying that Spring is truly around the corner. We brows Social Media and see posts popping up of green grass yet we look out the window to see yet another snow fall.

I promise you Spring will come, it always does. In the meantime here are some of my favorites that I know will get you through the last few chilly weeks.

Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread 

A few years ago my mom gave me the most thoughtful gift as she always does. It was my first bunt pan along with the most delicious recipe. First of all anything the tastes, smells, or looks like a cinnamon bun is a weakness of mine. Bonus points if there’s cream cheese icing. Secondly super easy rookie kinda recipes are my jam. So this one has me written all over it and my Mama knows me well.


I’ve made this super simple for you guys, just head on over to Kraft Canada for the full recipe, (link below, and if you’ve never been there before you’re in for a treat) I get so many fool proof recipes and meal inspiration there.

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

Big J loves helping with this one in the kitchen!  It’s a great one for those little hands.  Older kiddos like Big J could do all the steps on their own.

This is complete comfort food and not so great for working on that summer bod.  BUT, it’s quite likely the best thing to serve up for company and those last few inside play dates. I guarantee the pull aparts will be a hit with the kiddos and pair nicely with a Mamas cup of coffee!

Bring those Spring vibes inside

1. FLORALS!! The only time I buy flowers for my home is early Spring. When I desperately want to see beautiful color but all the outdoors is giving us is white or shades of brown. I don’t invest in expensive arrangements by any means. I simple grab what catches my eye when I’m grabbing my groceries at the store. A new home centre piece will make you smile I promise! Treat yourself and your house. Change the water often, use the flower food and keep any green sprigs even after the flowers have died!


2.  NATURAL LIGHT- open those curtains and pull up the shades. It’s the first thing I do, or maybe second after I make coffee of course. Let that light in. I even follow the light during the day and do chores in rooms based on where the sun is steaming in.

3.  SOUND & SENT- Crank those tunes & light up some summer sent’s – Listen to music that makes you happy, heck have a living room dance party.  If you follow my stories on instagram you’ll know that’s a regular sight in our house!  I currently have a grapefruit candle in my kitchen.  It reminds me that warm days are around the corner.  I promise, they are coming friends!


OK friends, now it’s time to meet Raina.  Also a Canadian Mama of 2.   She’s a lucky resident of beautiful BC, mother to to beautiful, sweet little ladies and has a heart of gold.  Zip on over to  MamaWrites   and check out her “My Month” March blog post and keep following along with us each month!






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  1. I’m loving these ideas. Those cinnamon pull apart look delicious! My office would go crazy over that. I’m so excited spring has sprung myself. I love to open the blinds to let light in and read a book on the deck.


  2. March is a crazy hard month! I’m so glad it’s over!


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