My Month: April. Simple Spring Health and Confidence

Ahhhh Spring…thanks for finally showing up. I’m kinda happy about that. Oh but also, I kinda realize that I’ll be ditching my oversized sweaters and that delicious winter comfort food has caught up in a squishy way. More importantly I just don’t feel as healthy as I should. No big deal I’ll just invest in the fancy gym pass, find 1-1.5hrs to make it there, then change my diet and spend even more hours meal prepping for a family of four then I already do. Realistic right? Ok ok, I know there’s Mamas out there that do all of this, but this working Mama also needs sleep. So how about some simple ways to a healthy spring that fit into the busy life of a mom. Who’s with me?


First thing’s first. Cut down on those sweet lattes and replace with this seriously yummy detox water. Recipe by yours truly. I promise you’ll be guzzling more water throughout the day. I’ve been throwing these ingredients into my water for a few years and you’ll need to play with the amounts of each to get it just right for you! I like lots of lemon and a little mint!

Sliced Lemon

Fresh Mint

Sliced cucumbers

That’s it friends. It’s even looks pretty. How impressed would your guests be with this served at your next bbq?

B R E A K F A S T. S M O O T H I E

This is for us big people and for the little ones. I’ve been giving my boys smoothies since Jackson was wee so I’ve done all the trial work for you. I never worry about their fruit and veggie intake because they gulp this down every morning and love it! The berries hide any veggie taste and color (in case you have a kiddo that fears the green)

I’ll do my best with guessing measurements but the truth is I eye ball it and it ends up perfect every time!

1 whole banana

1 cup of mixed berries frozen. The have to be frozen so that you can skip the ice. It just won’t taste the same.

1/2 cup of fresh spinach. I use PC organics because it’s pre washed.

2 large scoops of vanilla Greek yogurt. Packed with protein and gives the smoothie a nice texture.


Voila! Healthy breakfast for the whole fam!

One more key tip that’s simple but not!!

No eating after 6:00. Eeep why is such a simple concept so darn hard. This is probably not new information to you but it’s one that I have to focus on when I’m feeling crummy. CUT OUT the night time snacks. If I’m really hungry it’s a small yogurt or fruit. One week of this and my evening cravings become a thing of the past!

S E L F. L O V E

Last but not least is that confidence part. May is birthday month for me and I’m going to be honest. Last year was a doozy. I was in a weird place in life and not feeling great about turning a year older. This year is going to be different. As I start to phase out of the raising babies stage. Yes, we are done at two. Our family is 100% perfect and complete. Anyways, I feel like it’s just the beginning of finding out who I am again. Just me, not “mom” me. So for the month of May I’m giving myself a challenge. 31 days of self portraits. Yup, that’s right! Crawling out of my shell and into the spotlight once again. Finding out how to see my beauty without a kiddo to hide behind. I try that whole selfie thing and usually end up all….”my skin looks horrid” “my hair is scraggly” “I should have put on gloss or more make up” “what do I do with my hands?” You know? So I’ll push all that aside and take that picture no matter what the state of my kitchen behind me or how big the bags under my eyes are. That’s reality, that’s ok and most of the time it’s darn beautiful! So if you care to follow along, awkward poses and all I’ll be posting my portraits on Instagram stories (the odd post) then saving to highlights. All to hold myself accountable. This is the beginning of me finding me again and celebrating this years birthday with confidence.

That’s it from me this month. These monthly posts are a series I’ve taken on with my beautiful friend Raina over at Mama Writes Head on over to see her month recap and read a little about her life lately! Be sure you don’t miss anything by following along at #motherhoodmonthlyfaves to see what we’re up too.




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  1. Raina Reddecliff May 1, 2018 — 3:41 pm

    I love this Amanda! I am the exact same way about pictures of myself, good for you to take on that self portrait challenge! I give my girls almost the exact same smoothie every day too- great minds I tell ya. Here’s to a great month! xo


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